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Welcome to the Congo????

Mr. Neuendorf. Welcome to Rio de Janeiro !

Can I introduce You to the culture of Brazil???

a) Congo is a country of the African Continent. (Remember USA for Africa campaign in the 80´s years and the song "We Are The World,
We Are The Children..."?)

b) The official language of Congo is the French.

d) The population of Congo is: 55 225 478 people.

Lesson 2 Brazil

a) Brazil is a country of the South America.

b) The official language of Brazil is the Portuguese

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  • O Babilônico pode enviar um email para o Gerente de Imprensa do Comitê Norte Americano Kavin Neuendorf, que escreveu no quadro da sala do Comitê dos EUA no PAN Americano: WELCOME TO THE CONGO.

    Email: kevin.neuendorf@usoc.org



    I thank you for your e-mail and I want to apologize to you and the Brazilian people. I in no way meant any harm by the message you saw in this morning's paper. It was very hot in our office before the air conditioning got turned on and that was the only reason for the message. I did not personally write that message.

    In fact, I love Brazil and Rio de Janeiro. I love the people, the culture the food and all that has to offer. I went running on your beautiful beaches this morning and I plan to vacation in this city after the Pan American Games are complete.

    I along with the other 1100 members of our U.S. Delegation are excited to be in Brazil and experience the Games. The co-Rio organizers have been great in providing first class hospitality and we expect nothing but the best from them and the people of Brazil as hosts of the 2007 Pan American Games.

    I hope you believe me, because that is the truth. I did not mean any harm.


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